Financial Literacy For Teens

DID YOU KNOW: 4 in 5 youths will fail a financial literacy quiz

There is a clear trend of declining financial literacy. On average, young Americans couldn’t answer a majority of financial literacy questions correctly.

8 Week Online Course

Setting goals, budgeting, saving, spending, borrowing, using credit — these are just a few types of knowledge, skills and behaviors people need to manage their resources effectively. 

The curriculum consists of 8 lessons designed to teach life skills and personal finance management to:

All High School and College Students


When it comes to raising kids, most parents either look forward to the teen years . . . or dread them. But no matter which side of the spectrum you’re on, the end goal is still the same: help them become successful contributors to society. But what does that even mean?

It means showing them the ropes when it comes to adulthood, things like getting up on time, taking a regular shower, and learning how to make a budget. Now’s the time for teens to start learning about money—how to earn it, save it and spend it wisely.

Lesson 1: Financial Planning
  • Determine personal values and financial goals
  • Determine personal financial decision
Lesson 2: Spending and Budgeting
  • Develop a plan for spending and saving
  • Create a system for keeping financial records
Lesson 3: The Importance of Saving
  • Describe how savings affects financial well-being
  • Explain how interest is computed on savings
Lesson 4: Managing Your Paycheck
  • Explain how to calculate gross and net income
  • Discuss the IRS Form W-4
Lesson 5: Credit
  • Evaluate positive and negative types of credit
  • Identify how credit cards differ from debit cards
Lesson 6: Credit Cards
  • Evaluate credit card offers and explain how to manage a credit card
  • Summarize credit card key terms and conditions and consumer protection laws
Lesson 7: Financing College
  • Discuss student loan management
  • Research and compare different college financial aid choices
Lesson 8: Consumer Protection
  • Explain identity theft
  • Demonstrate how to protect personal information
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